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Welcome to Grand Damasu!! An 18+ BL Erotic Visual Romance Novel that we are currently developing. The idea for the games structure came about through our Kickstarter community. At first Grand Damasu was going to be an episodic romance visual novel that dealt with life, love and first times. However, after listening to our community we decided to change things up and make Grand Damasu a full on fun, fantasy single release game.

We wrote up a quick post on how "The Grand Series" came about over on our site SeramStudios.com, check it out!

We took Elijah's backstory and created Grand Kokoro, it's a more serious game that deals with heartbreak, tragedy, acceptance, perseverance and mental health. If you want to know what Elijah was up to before Grand Damasu check it out!

If not, no problem we understand. You just want to have fun and that's what Grand Damasu is all about!

Here are a few items we are currently working on:

  • Character Sprites
  • CG's
  • Backgrounds
  • Music
  • Demo
  • Trailer

Things are a bit rough and the art direction may change but we haven't given up on this little erotic gem!

Be sure to follow @Grandnvl or @SeramStudios to stay up-to-date on all new developments of Grand Damasu!

Elijah Grand has just finished his first year of college and he's ready to party! He doesn't remember much about last year other than the fact that it was a little difficult and little depressing.

But he's put all that behind him and he's ready for some new adventures!

There's just one big problem...he doesn't know where to start. Luckily his two best friends Lucien and Sebastian are here to help and they know exactly what he needs.

Fivesome? Anyone?

Elijah is about to be thrown head first into the dating world. There's just one rule.

He can't tell the other guys about each other. Why? Who knows it's Lucien and Sebastians rule and since they're running the game Elijah has to listen -- that is if he wants to have any fun!

Will Elijah be able to have some illicit fun? Will he find true romance? Or will each one of his flings be doomed?

Help Elijah decide if he dates one guy, two guys or all four guys! But keep in mind the more guys you decide to romance, the harder it gets to keep them a secret from one another.

And beware! Elijah's two "friends" are on their own little journey of fun and exploration. Taking their advice (or not) may lead to some surprising competition!

But Elijah has a secret weapon on his side and that's finding out his lovers "Hidden Kink." Once he's able to satisfy his new lovers kinky fantasy they won't be looking at anyone else.

Join Elijah as he attempts to find out exactly what it takes to be in the dating world in Grand Damasu.

  • Love meters: to keep your men in check.
  • 15+ Endings: 3 endings per guy - Happy, Sad, Neutral.
  • Gameplay: 20+ hours.
  • Original Soundtrack: 10+ Songs.
  • CGs: 20+
  • 18+ CGs: 10
  • Hidden Kinks: Discover each guy's hidden kink for some extra fun!

Oh and surprise! There is one more guy available to be romanced BUT you gotta find him!

Published Jun 25, 2017
StatusIn development
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, bl, Erotic, gay-visual-novel, Romance, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Nfufufufufu I will buy it soon *^*

i will buy it some day

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(。♥‿♥。) Yayy!! We are super happy you like it!! 。^‿^。

This vn looks so cool! I can't wait to play it

(✪‿✪)ノ Hiya! Thanks for stopping by and showing your support for our little vn.  (^-^*)

OMG yayyyy...  i been waiting for this lol!!! be prepared to take my money hahaha

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(*^_^*) We will have another update soon with new character designs, another sneak peek into an 18+ CG and possibly a working demo!! 

。^‿^。 But don't tell anyone! We want it to be a surprise Sssssssh (^_−)☆

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I can't wait.. I really love they style it kind of reminds me of manwha (korean manga)..  and the summary sounds very spicy hahaha. I wonder how spicy though? will it be very hot and sexy that I dribble or will it heat up my heart that I roll around on the floor screaming at the level of adorableness ? SEXY OR CUTE OR BOTH???

Sorry for being extra but anyways you guys have my full support!!! I'll be following and stalking you for the next update bahahaha

(⌒▽⌒)Thanks for your support! And we plan to make it Sexy, Sassy AND cute! ʕ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔ lol


I noticed that your kickstarter campaign failed, since the "due" date was July 15.... are you guys still working on it or...?

Hello! 0.o Yes we are ^_^ in fact we just posted an update over on ourkickstarter page about our plans with Grand Damasu. It's going to take a while to complete this game now that it's SO much bigger but we haven't given up! We will keep ya'll updated when new developments happen!

I really enjoyed playing this and I really hope to see more from the development of this game! 


(*´◡`) Thanks for the kind words! We have been working quietly in the background so hopefully we will have some new and exciting updates soon!